Tarrey Torae’s: “The Sweetest Survivor” CD Review

The other day I was burning some Frank & Myrrah while chewing on a floss pick...I asked myself  when was the last time I purchased  music via a CD or download?  I mean isn't that's how you really measure if you’re a fan?  It has been a minute, in the age of the matrix i.e. bit torrent sites, U.S. albums sells has fallen drastically. There are only select artists that I check for, Erykah Badu, Common, and Outkast, in that order. Recently I have added a not so new artist to that list, that artist would be Tarrey Torae.  I've been patiently awaiting her sophomore project, “The Sweetest Survivor”.

The Chicago native did some soul searching and put positive energy out with this one.  The fourteen track CD is a must have. The first track of the LP is “Who Are We?" and I quote “Calling all Survivors”, in this age and time what better question to ask ourselves? The anthem of the summer…“Get Some” is only one of the many highlights of  “The Sweetest Survivor”, get some love, get some joy,  get some peace….need I say more?

It is difficult to find a R&B album that I can listen to with my daughter without a curse word or sexual content.  “Don’t Let ‘Em”, is an uplifting track with some very positive & strong lyrics encouraging little girls to be themselves and to not let society pressure them to be otherwise.  Then you have “Little Girl”  which is  reassurance for little girls that may have some unanswered question that they may not know how to express.    

The last track of the CD and my personal favorite is “Hold On” ft. J.Ivy,  this is a message…this joint has an acoustic sound with a touch of an electric & bass guitar, a dash of flute, and equipped with a full choir. This one really displays the power of Tarrey’s Torae's voice. “The Sweetest Survivor” is full of love ballets and poetry expressing the joy and pain of relationships and life.  Check for the CD or download at TarreyToraemusic.com, peace and blessings to all and to Tarrey...God speed.

Rollie Gray

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