Simple Modes: The Simple Chicken Wing

The Simple Chicken Wing

What is a Super Bowl Party without chicken wings? Feeling confident that my favorite defensive NFL player, Clay Matthews would win a Super Bowl ring, I felt motivated to take a shot at making some homemade lemon pepper wings for our party-ready kids and their friends who were invited over to watch the game.

I fried the wings without flour, a concept  that I learned from watching Fox 5 Atlanta.  It worked.  However, the lemon pepper seasoning that I used did not.  I should have also made note of the seasoning that the chicken wing extrordinaire  used on the news special.  The lemon was overwhelming.  I felt like drinking a gallon of water after taking just a tiny bite of the first wing. I almost gave up like that Chicago Bears quarterback.  What's his name?  But I didn't. After the Packers scored their second touchdown, I was pumped up and at that point I knew without a doubt that the Lombardi trophy would return home.  So, I did the same.  Well, almost.

I went back to what I know best.  A little Lawry's, a little pepper, flour and lots of love.  The kids, both Packers and Steelers fans, loved them.  Welcome home Lombardi and welcome back to the Simple Chicken Wing.
Latarsha Gray

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