A Month & 1/2 in..... how have u done thus far???

    So.... I'd like to welcome everybody out there in the world today- to "A month & 1/2" in. 2011 is now fully underway and I have to say it has been a bumpy ass ride to say the least!
A Message to all: as hardworking taxpayers and home owners, have you ever noticed how when it comes to "us" paying our bills on time the county and the city are always out to enforce a timely payment. Whether its additional fees and costs -or major fines and penalties, they are the money enforcers who make certain that they get what they're owed.

    Now, let the shoe be placed on the opposite foot.... where as something occurs that they are fully responsible for... like.. let's say- um.. I don't know u have a flood in your place of residence w/ category 3 impact that is a direct result from the county's negligence for not taking action sooner!
The sewage system here in "DEKALB COUNTY" is completely bogus. With an excess of over 836 known incidents -hundreds of families were forced out of their homes due to a backed-up "antiquated" sewage system.

(-My sincerest apologies for venting about this.... if you hadn't guessed by now I had this very thing happen to my family and I over the past several weeks and it is just really boiling my blood right now!)

    So now you have a clear-cut case ( ...well 2 if u count my neighbors case- he was impacted as well) where the County is completely responsible and accountable for ALL damages incurred. After placing my initial call to Dekalb County Watershed to in inform them that our home had been impacted, I must say i kinda felt a slight sense of confidence thinking- hey the county's response time was pretty damn swift.. like not even 30 mins after my phone call they had arrived. So now it was only right for me to utilize deductive reasoning and arrive at the thought maybe... just maybe.. the entire process would be taken care of expeditiously. -Foolish was I for thinking some non-sense like that.

    Even after the supervisor from Dekalb Watershed personally claimed to have already had an email in flight back to the county's claim rep, he "reluctantly" called the county's very own contracted cleaning &  restoration company and didn't seem in the least bit apologetic! He looked more concerned with the uncertainty of whether or not he would retain his job title in the a.m.

    Once the county workers from the Watershed dept. cleared out the cleaning crew arrives on the scene to answer the emergency call for the situation with category 3 flood damage to me and my neighbors homes. When they arrived there was a total of (2) vans and like (3) laborers and (1) Supervisor. He explained what the process would be and how they planned to achieve this. However, he did not verbalize too many specific details -instead he gave generalizations which i found vague. I feel as though there was some minor attempts to try and be reassuring so that we were confident that they would perform well but that wasn't the case at all! Little did I know that the next 5 weeks would be so arduous and grueling.

    What should've taken 48-72 hours at the max obviously was not a high enough priority (even w/ a Category 3)- for this cleaning co. or the county of  Dekalb.  -and just as a footnote: do you all know that even the District 5 commissioner of Dekalb County even had a similar occurrence at his place of residence.. hmmn?? I'm willing to bet any amount of $$$ that his rest was cleaned and restored in record breaking time!!- The County has been taking us through so much crap that it is ridiculous, unapologetic and at this point (5 wks. later).. completely uncalled for. The aforementioned cleaning and restoration co. had an incident next door at my neighbors house where an item was stolen out of his home by one of their laborers while my neighbor was still at work. Is this how hardworking Dekalb County taxpayers are rewarded??  -Excuse my French but this was that BULLSHIT!

    So needless to say, we did not want these type of people in our home. We have now been fighting for the past 5 weeks to try to get our own cleaning and restoration services from a more reputable and more importantly reliable company -Service Master referred to us from a very personal and confident resource in that professional field. We've talked w/ a laundry list of county officials -several times... from Watershed supervisors, to several different Dekalb County Board of Commissioners.. all the way to contacting Burrell Ellis the current CEO of Dekalb County.

    As of today we are getting some movement but it is definitely at a snails pace! If nothing more is done to expedite this process we have already contacted the EPA, who I'm sure would love to hear about what's going on as well as the news and the Dekalb County Health Dept.

-Adero Dawson

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Anonymous said...

Very descriptive and well written! Damn, its a shame how the county will truly screw you over! You have to fight to the death!!!