LAKERS WIN!!! - 5 for KOBE

More "hardware" for Kobe, Derek & Phil... This is numero cinco (5) for "Ko-kane and 16 for the Lakers Organization on a whole!

-While I am now undoubtedly "fully" open for comparison discussions about Kobe 2 Michael Jordan ("tha GREATEST 2 EVER DO IT!" -btw) -i would still argue that while Kobe w/ all of his accolades and illustrious accomplishments (especially these pass 2 seasons going back 2 back), even all the records that he has toppled over his career... you're still (1) championship away from tying tha greatest "BASKETBALL GOD" of them all- and (2) rings away from truly being crowned KING!!!
Very nice body of work Kobe... i have 2 admit I was not always a Kobe fan ya dig!? I mean I'm from tha Chi so ya'll know how that goes...

- I wonder what Lebron is thinking right now... "eh -maybe i don't deserve this MVP statue sitting in my living room... DAMN that f*ckin' Kobe Bryant dude -stealing all my shine this season and last season!!"

-if any of u hoopers out there read this -pls feel free 2 comment - 100.

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First Team Music said...

I'm 100 on this one homie. As a life long Lakers fan, I've grown weary of the "Lebron's the best" talk.