"Visualizing tha Realism in Life -in Actuality"

"You gotta think -then envision -then do it!" ...had 2 quote myself on this one here -Visualizing is definitely the key to any & everything!

Only when u establish a mental picture 1st for whatever it is that u truly want, can 1 be successful in accomplishing that particular goal. Give you all a perfect story that I think can serve as a prime example of envisioning and applying action:

-So a very good friend of mine came 2 see me earlier this evening and the 1st thing I noticed was his "Brand Spankin' New" super-charged Audi A3 Sports-back! The car for me, at 1st sight was the exact same car that dude told me he wanted and would have in like a year's time. Almost to the exact date...a yr later- this kat pulls in my driveway with exactly what he told me he would. He told me -Adero... I set a few goals for myself, envisioned it happening for me, did away with all things negative, stayed focused on only those goals the entire time and.... "YAH_BONGO!!!" 1 year later everything materialized.

At first.. I'm not gonna lie I was like yo Mo really did that shit! In-fuckin-credible! Then it dawned on me at that moment -ya'll recall what your Moms used 2 say when we were younger... tha good ol' "baby- u can do ANYTHING u put your mind to." Guess what?? She could not have been more precise. If you put your mind 2 it you can do ANYTHING! The sooner we all stick to this very universally achievable oppurtunity- we can all have everything that we have ever dreamed and make all things possible!

-A.D. -easy.
-P.S. Keep watchin' tha SECRET ....and always remember what Morpheus said- "Neo- there is a difference between KNOWING tha path and Walking it!"

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Anonymous said...

THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Keep doing your thing - u couldn't be more right!