Inmates Who Can't Make Bail Face Stark Options:

"Shadu Green, charged with a series of misdemeanors, did not have the $1,000 the judge set as his bail.

So like thousands of inmates here and hundreds of thousands nationwide, Green is left with two options: He can fight his case — but he'll have to do it from here, behind bars — or he can plead guilty and take the 60-day sentence prosecutors are offering him and go home".

Over the holiday break I had to go that place for a misdemeanor traffic ticket...& if you ever been the Dekalb County Georgia you know how easy that is. It was two days before Christmas I guess they needed their dough because "general population" was full. 90% percent of the inmates were brothers so I passed time by asking what were they in for. Surprisingly most were for misdemeanors, brothers were in there for like $50 dollars fines, didn't have the money & was sitting it out for a week!

I've been struggling with writing a article about the whole experience and how the jail system is no more then "legal extortion". If you don't have the money to get out you sit and the system gets paid everyday your in there... so they're gonna to get theirs.

Today I came across an article on NPR.ORG talking about this matter. It's a good informative article that you can either listen to or read.

Click here to listen or read

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