Haiti : Earthquake Aftermath

Okay ...so I know that I'm late w/ this one but I did feel compelled to post.
Just a lil' over 2 days ago a powerful earthquake of 7.0 magnitude rocked the Caribbean island of Haiti. The quake had up to 5 aftershocks all ranging in the high 5's. A very large portion of the small island is in ruin and has a death toll that they fear could reach 100,000 - more than 3,000,000 effected overall.

Please world... the suffering people of Haiti need your help and mine. If you can help in anyway please do so... Wyclef Jean, who we all know has been a very visible activist for his homelands for some time has a relief fund for his people in their time of need -

Send donations to:
Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (or) using Twitter -you can make a donation of 5$ via text msg.

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