A Shout Out to Stephen "Steveo Eeezo" Goosby

Yo wus good Yung World?? So here goes another super "Shout Out" to one of my very 1st partners in rhyme -Stephen Goosby -aka Steve-O-G, aka Steve-O-Eezo, aka Dirty Gooze.

This hip hop lyrical purists and one of the last of the dying breed "Tru Skool" b boys has always maintained his status amongst the hierarchy of elite unsigned MC's. Hailing from (me and Ro's hometown) tha "CHI"- Steve has been writing and producing for many years. Back in our college days Steve and I started a dynamic duo group called "Sol Poets." We recorded a self-titled EP 2gether around 96' and was able to catch the attention of quite a few industry headz. Priority Records was one of the first to actually "officially" take interest.

As of late Steve-O has kept himself busy pumping trax out of his home studio and recording incredible collabo's like "FU2" w/ yours truly and of course "My Place" w/ me -feat. Charlie Rose aka Kimmy Kim. He and I are also currently working on a gang of new shit for my upcoming mixtape "Project Star Scream" -Sure to hit hard real soon! So keep ya eyes and ears open and stay tuned for what we are about to asccomplish w/ this project. Definitely be on the look out for the listening party jump-off and tour dates around the the top of the year during 1st Quarter.

Peace & Luv-

Adero D.

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