A Shout Out To Ahmyr "Buddah" Dawson

Ahmari "Chi-Chi" Dawson & Ahmyr "Buddah" Dawson - my crown jewelz!!!

Hey Yung World..... Just giving yall my last but certainly not least "Shout Out" of the year 2009 and what better way to close out than w/ my own youth.

Born "Ahmyr Kasim Dawson" -on March 14, 2004- my 1st born weighed in @ 3lbs 14oz (he was a premie). Not sure if ya'll all caught that but my little man's birth date and weight were identical! Co-incidence?? Not hardly... this amazing child was destined 2 be here on this Earth w/ us and it has been pre-determined that he will continue 2 go on and do "all" things great!

Not only does Ahmyr have adult-like reasoning, "tremendously detailed" w/ his picture near-perfect memory, and wear like a size 8-10 in clothing -he is only 5 yrs of age! He is the future of what will be known as the -"Super Scholastic - Multi-Athletic" children. Not only did this lil dude win his very first official basketball game (Shout Out 2 Lucky Shoals Rec Center) -where he had a couple of baskets and 10 or more boards- but he is so so "focused" in school. Ahmyr really takes pride in himself 4 doing well in school -so much so -that not only did this little guy pursue and win: "SUPER STUDENT OF THE WEEK" - but he also obtained & became "STUDENT OF THE MONTH" -4 Demonstrating The Character "Citizenship".

He is me and I am him....... I love U both w/ no limits!
-Adero K. Dawson

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