When the walls come tumblin' down!

When I first saw the picture of the Omega's plot on the ground surrounded by rubbish.... I felt "a-way", I really can't describe my feelings but I felt something. Anyone who attended or visited Grambling State University in the late 80's or the 90's will surely remember the "Hill" which was the area allocated for Gamma Gamma chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Grambling has removed all student organizations from the campus for beautification purposes. I have asked around and this appears to be a growing trend at HBC's, but what is the symbolic meaning?

What is the current state of Historically Black Colleges and Universities? The New York times has reported that colleges and universities of all kinds across the country are facing shrunken endowments, decreased giving, government cutbacks, and many have reduced their payroll and list of classes. Historically black institutions have two significant disadvantages when it comes to weathering hard times: smaller endowments, which mean heavier reliance on tuition and fees, and a higher proportion of disadvantaged students who are now facing a credit crunch when they apply for loans.

I fully understand that removing of some plots are minor in the greater scheme of things but it's a sign that times are changing. Which leads me to ask the question is there a need for individual sororities and fraternities? Here's a thought...why not have one organization and embrace our heritage instead of the greeks? The soro/frat finding fathers and mothers we're progressive thinkers and would more then likely smile if that decision was made. After all isn't it about progress? Shouldn't we evolve with the times? if things stayed the same Obama would not be leader of the "free" world! In addition this would be a financially sound move that could assist with financial endowments. But hey what do I know......it's only what I was thinking at the time.

Rollie Gray

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