Song/Lyrics that don't make no damn sense! Lisa Stansfield| KRS One| Isley Brothers| Earth Wind and Fire

Artist: Lisa Stansfield-
Song: All Around The World
Lyrics: "I don't know where, I don't know why
Why he's gone away"....

then she says: "I did too much lyin"...

Comment: There's your answer!

Artist: KRS One-
Song: My Philosophy
Lyrics: "see how it sound? a little unrational"..

Comment: don't you mean irrational? Come on Teacha Teacha!!!

Artist: Isley Brothers/ Aaliyah Remake
Song: At Your Best (you are loved)
Lyrics: "But at your best you are loved, you are a positive motivating force within my life, should you ever feel the need to wonder why let me know, let me know"

Comment: Isn't everyone loved at their best? Can you love me at my worst????

What's the meaning of Earth Wind & Fire's song "Reasons"??????

Rollie Gray

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