Jay Z Concert @ UCLA

Hey yung world... what the business is?? I was in LA this past weekend for the Jay Z concert @ UCLA and when I tell you that the experience was a memorable one -I think that would be an understatement!

From the offset of the opening act performances - including J. Cole, Wale and N.E.R.D (w/ a special appearance by Lupe Fiasco) - you could definitely feel the energy and anticipation of the thousands of fans in attendance who eagerly awaited the arrival of "Yung Hova!"

An incredible night! Once the giant clock on the screen read 0:01... we all knew that the time had come. It was time for the "Jigga Man" himself to make his entrance. So all the lights go down and through a small opening in the floor of his immense stage set-up he emerges. Nothin but diamond signs in the air as far as the eyes could see, then all of a sudden.... loud blaring horns and the distinct chant from a voice all 2 familiar... "Na Na -Na Na -Na Na -Na Na- Only Rapper 2 rewrite history w/out a pen No ID on the track let the story begin"..... begin -begin -begin. Those guitar riffs are so maniac as is, but then 2 hear that shit live..... oh boy!

Probably the biggest notable highlight of the night was when Yung H-O brought out and unexpected guest to sing the Blueprint III anthem "Run This Town." - Rhianna was definitely in the building doin it waaaay big in all black tights, black riding boots, black furry vest and "All Black Everything!" To wind things down properly Jay brought back up BBC skateboard P to do "So Ambitious" and ended everything w/ "Forever Yung!"

This more than memorable concert was definitely one 4 tha books! It's ya boy! Super shout out 2 my cuzo Khari and his girl Sascha 4 having me out there and doing it waaaay big... also shout out 2 the big homie Marlin Griffin (my guy!)- Definitely Stolen Moments in Time....

Peace & Luv-


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