Did You Know? Sigma Pi Phi (the Boule)

,Sigma Pi Phi is generally considered to be the first African-American Greek-lettered organization. Sigma Pi Phi was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 15, 1904. The fraternity quickly established chapters (referred to as "member boules") in Chicago, IL and then Baltimore, MD. The founders included two doctors, a dentist and a physician. When Sigma Pi Phi was founded, black professionals were not offered participation in the professional and cultural associations organized by the white community. Sigma Pi Phi has over 5,000 members and 112 chapters throughout the United States and the West Indies.

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Anonymous said...

The black Boule' (Sigma Pi Phi) gave birth to the black frats and sororities, that always interfered with any black nationalism or Black empowerment movement in the United States.

The So-called black greek were not created to improve the conditions of Black people as a whole. They were created to serve as a shield against any movements of Black power or Black nationalism.

Sigma Pi Phi (the First Black fraternity) that was created as an off-shoot of The Skull N Bones secret organization.

Boule' means, it is a french word that means, Keeper of the gate (Guarding of white supremacy).