They tha new BULLS!

So Bust it, I am "super happy" that the 09-10 Hoop Season is finally here and even though there are exceptional squads out there like San Antonio in tha West, Boston, Orlando, even Cleveland in the East- None are a match for the WORLD CHAMPS! I can't help but to see the resemblance or rather similarity of the newly forged Lakers-even better than last year's squad- to the 1 and only -(Owners of tha 90's) "Chicago Bulls."

"They tha New Bulls!" -

Starring: Ron Artest as Dennis "tha Worm" Rodman,
also starring - Kobe Bryant as tha "2nd coming of Air Jordan",
Lamar Odom as Scottie "I get tha job done" Pippen
and listen man... u can even throw Pau Gasol in here as
Tony "now I got Post moves" Kukoc

Well... yall get the picture -tha point is these katz is "UNSTOPPABLE!" ..period (.) point blank!


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