A Shout Out to Senor Kaos

I would like to send a special strong shout out on behalf of the 48Bars staff to a personal affiliate of ours & the entire hip hop scene hear in Atlanta- tha hip hop multiplex that is "Senor Kaos."

Okay, so boom -I remember when I 1st came across dude on the hip hop circuit here in ATL many moons ago. We were making our weekly rounds as tha "Central Division" to a well known hip hop strong-hold known as Apache' Cafe (may have been as far back when it was still Yin Yan club). During the show there were these 2 kats who performed a set and they went by the name of "Vintage Imperial." What I noticed almost immediately was that the light-skinned kat who went by Kaos was a lil' bit more lyrical than his counterpart. Now me being the hip hop purist and lyrical maniac that I myself have been noted for- was definitely engaged by dude's skill level. Anyone who knows me knows that it takes more than your average rhymin so-called MC to move ya boy so son had 2 have come w/ it.

I followed Kaos' career moves musically as well as from a business standpoint 4 like tha next several years. It seemed like this kid had his hand in a lil' bit of everything -from touring w/ notable hip hop acts 2 marketing & promoting several different major brand names. Aside from his ever busy calendar this young diligent brother always seems 2 find the time 2 drop multiple album/mixtape projects, film videos in and out of state and maintains the day 2 day on his own company "VINTAGE IMPERIAL LIFESTYLE MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS" and has his popular web blog known as http://www.thekaoseffect.com/. Talk about putting in work and stayin on tha grind!

Big ups to tha bull Senor Kaos 4 doing his thang and 4 always offering something new and playing a continual role in the Atlanta hip hop scene overall! Yall go out and support Kaos as he has just recently dropped his latest project -The Smoking Section Presents Senor Kaos "Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick". Its been out only a few weeks and already has a considerable Internet buzz... he got some big names on his joint too so yall check in on this one!

Adero D.

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