The jobless rate rose to 9.8 percent in September: What's Next?

For the first time, the average amount of time it takes fired employees to find a new job exceeds the length of their standard unemployment benefits. The CHART OF THE DAY shows the average duration of unemployment is now 26.2 weeks, longer than the 26 weeks of state benefits normally provided to workers who lose their jobs. It’s the first time that has occurred since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping records in 1948. “

The only thing I can say is WOW! The only question I have is what's next? Don't you miss the 1990's when individuals were eating right? Let me answer my own question- We as Americans need to change our mindset, to quote myself... “U gotta do what U gotta do when U gotta”. No I'm not insinuating that you go out there and do something illegal to get yours, but like Banks told 50... go 'head switch the style up!

Let's have a little history lesson. I don't know if segregation helped or hindered Black America, back in the day we were forced to support each other. The Civil Rights Movement knocked down some doors for Blacks (i.e. job opportunities, education, etc.) Many of our parents stayed on one job for years, some even retired. "Retired"... is that even possible in these days? Remember in the 90's when everyone was into the mutual funds? How many people were millionaires on paper? Then the market crashed...oh shit now what? It amazed got people going to jail for traffic tickets..and corporate execs making off like Maddoff.... even when convicted are still living better then most! Don't you just love capitalism?

Damn, what was my question??? Oh! What's next? Do something that you enjoy doing to get the dough!!! Sometimes the all mighty gives us hidden blessings. I know when you got that pink slip you got that lump in your throat... but two tears in a bucket, now your freed up. The bottom line is that you still gotta eat! You got two choices, either give up or keep it moving. We need to get back to basics -being creative, supportive of one another, courteous, and staying on the grind. Let's keep it one hundred...knowing that we were gonna get that check every two weeks made us a little laxed, but when you know your dough depends on your hustle it keeps you motivated...but hey...what do I's only what I was thinking at the time.


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