It Was All Good Just A Week Ago... Life will throw u a loop

So there u are.... casting off and setting sail into the clearest of nights on your very first voyage into what is now a brand new life of copulance. You knew that it would come one day! With the right work ethic, focus, determination, belief and a whole lot of faith ...boom! You've finally done it.

Your lifestyle is now very extravagant.. a far cry from crying and being broke. Even further from feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired. You have now arrived! Just look at the endless amounts of options you have to do whatever it is your little hearts desire. Not knowing what may lie up ahead you spend frivously like "shit.. I got so much money now- I can wipe my ass w/ it." So you go out and buy the homes and the cars, diamonds & jewels, expensive designer clothes etc. Your thought is I'm living for today... and guess what today -I'm living really good so fuck it!

No real consideration of what's instore for you and your bank accounts in the near future and totally oblivious to investing properly.... then it happens! In the blink of an eye BOOM! You just lost everything- houses foreclosed, cars seized, jewels pawned, credit card accounts frozen. As quickly as it came is as quick as it is leaving and to think you felt as though your were "Recession Proof!" Well now, look how quickly the tides can change. One minute you're crusin in tha big boy Benz not a care in the world, the next thing you know you're scroungin to have enough 4 car fare ..all the while wondering how this all got to this perdictiment.

A few words of wisdom.... Have a plan of action financially, learn more about investing your money properly, easy on the spending sprees and make sound decisions. I definitely feel as though you only have one life 2 live so live it up, but we must not go "over-board" and get carried away w/ the spending. I'll leave u w/ a lil' FYI- Did u know that ealrier this month, the labor department reported that the unemployment rate had reached 9.8% , the highest in 26 years. Lets try not 2 forget that we are in a "recession"/ ooops I mean depression!"



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