Indie Hip Hop 101: Infrastructure: Part 2 of 3


I am an enormous cheap skate. I would rather tour in a PT Cruiser with no cruise control than a roomy minivan because it saves gas. I would much rather burn CD's and print labels out of my house rather than send it out to be done. I would even rather sleep on someone's floor over paying for a hotel; however, the biggest misstep that I've made in my cheapdom is not understanding the value of a great publicist.

A publicist is as general of a profession as being a teacher. Some are Kindergarten educators while others are fifth grade. Some teach high school history while others teach eighth grade biology. Their specialties vary based on their specific accomplishments; however, they all have the same basic training and work under the same purpose...teach. The same goes for the publicist. Some specialize in event planning while others focus on sponsorships. Some work with nonprofits, and some work with music. Their one purpose, though, is to get their clients as much exposure as possible.

Now don't get me wrong, that exposure comes with a price. Most publicists that I know that deal in the independent markets charge between $1500-$2000 a month and want a 3 month contract. So really you're talking $4500-$6000. Most times, the money's due up front. For the average hip hop artist that's scraping together everything that they have in order to survive and slowly prod ahead, this is almost an insult. I know, I'm one of of them. This is more than my entire recording budget. There was no way I could afford to pay that much for a publicist...I should have found a way though...


Janale Harris, 678.613.2776
First Team Music

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