Equifax, Transunion, Experian, and Hip Hop

I may be a little hypocritical with this one but hey.....other then Russell Simmons (and the Rush Card is a rip off), I haven't heard anyone in hip hop speak on the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit. Let's face it people we're living in America and Credit is the pulse of it. President Obama is trying to hook the cable to the economy but it appears that those with “Good Credit” are the ones that are reaping the benefits.

Actually hip hop displays the opposite of “Good Credit”...literally throwing cash around, purchasing items that depreciate as soon as you get them i.e. cars, clothing.......America is changing and the hip hop culture needs to change with it. My wife is reading “Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!”, by Glinda Bridgforth. It's an easy read and there is some good info in the book...such as how they come up with your credit score. Please don't think that I have a my ducks in a row...their not..but in the age of technology we can achieve what we seek to accomplish.

Rollie Gray

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